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Summer Adventure and Family Convention
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If you are an adult member with a passion for helping boys experience a High Adventure trip you may qualify.

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Trail Life USA - 2019 High Adventure Initiative Program at the Summer Adventure and Family Convention (SAFCO)

High Adventure - A unique outdoor experience beyond the routine weekend campout, where special training and planning is involved which may take up to a year or more to implement. A high level of physical, mental and spiritual toughness is often required.

Funds are available from a donor to assist Troops in creating high adventure opportunities for Trailmen. The impact on boys can’t be overstated. Substantive research indicates that boys thrive from the experiences of outdoor adventure. It's the Trail Life mission in action.

Adult members of all levels (Woodlands, Navigator, Adventurer, Guidon, Area) are highly encouraged to apply and seriously consider this awesome opportunity. This training doesn’t have an expiration date, in fact, it can last a lifetime and be used to train others. There is no limit to the number of attendees from your Troop who can qualify.

“Tier One” is scholarships in the form of reimbursement for completing certain high adventure training sessions at SAFCo.

Tier Two and future Tiers will include funding for actually conducting a high adventure activity in your Troop.

Commitments for Tier One Funding:

    1. You must register and pay for either the Summer Adventure or the Family Convention side of SAFCo,
    2. Complete the high adventure training track at SAFCo, and
    3. Commit to holding a high adventure activity with your Troop in the next three years.

Qualifications for Tier One Funding:

    1. You MUST be an adult member of Trail Life USA at the time of application and through the SAFCo event.
    2. You MUST submit the Application and sign the Commitment, Understanding, and Reimbursement Agreement BEFORE registering for SAFCo*. A limited number of participants from each Region will be reimbursed.
    3. You must register for, pay, and attend the 2019 National Summer Adventure or Convention and complete the specific High Adventure morning indoor elements of training at SAFCo (Monday – Friday 10:00AM – 11:30AM).
    4. Submit a copy of your completed High Adventure Trek Training Certificate and preapproved SAFCo/travel expenses for reimbursement to the High Adventure Scholarship Team by August 25, 2019. $100 of the amount  is your obligation for the training and will not be reimbursed

* if you’ve already registered for SAFCo and want to participate, please complete an application and send an email to [email protected] </br

The Training Week

Sunday - Arrive and settle in at your campsite or room

Monday Morning: 10:00 - 12 Convo Center Indoor Session - Intro, destinations, general costs, dynamics, other topics

Monday Afternoon: 3:00 - 4:30 Tugalo Outdoor Session - Physically fit, multiple use gear, weather, emergencies, other topics

Tuesday Morning: 10:00 - 12 Convo Center - Trip planning, budget, attendant requirements, Itinerary

Tuesday Afternoon: 3:00 - 4:30 Tugalo - Tents, flies, group gear, food, other topics

Wednesday Morning:10:00 - 12 Convo Center - Travel, reservations, legal documents, medical forms, resources for the TREK area, other topics

Wednesday Afternoon: 3:00 - 4:30 Tugalo - Medical issues, water, clothing, cooking, fires, other topics

Thursday Morning: 10:00 - 12 Convo Center - Packing, gear adjustments, shake down, foot wear, other topics

Thursday Afternoon: 4:30 Tugalo - Prepare for Overnight Shakedown experience

Friday 8:00 AM - Tugalo - Return from Overnight

Friday Morning: 10 - 12 Convo Center - Review of Overnight shakedown, final thoughts, Certificates

Want to Qualify to apply for Tier Two funds for your Troop’s High Adventure?

  • Complete the above Tier One elements AND:
    • Complete the outdoor elements held at SAFCo in the afternoons at Camp Tugalo.
    • Consider the overnight Trek on Thursday (recommended, but optional).
    • Complete Three Peaks Training before your High Adventure Trek if offered within three hours of your loacation.
    • Conduct a High Adventure Trek with your Troop by the end of Summer 2022.

Specifics amounts will depend on those who qualify and the number of Troop participants but would include consideration for funding of travel, supplies, gear, fees, activities, and other related expenses. 

For additional Information on the process or specific questions, contact the High Adventure Team.

The High Adventure TREK Course Director
Jim Robinson

  • 46 Years Outdoor Wilderness Experience
  • TLUSA Adult Freedom Rangeman
  • Led 8 International mission trips
  • Led 4 Youth high adventure backpacking trips over 400 high altitude miles, 42 nights
  • Led 2 Youth high adventure wilderness canoe trips, over 20 nights
  • Led family expedition canoe trip on the Canadian Missinaibi River, over 260 miles
  • TLUSA Course Director- Three Peaks Beta, Midwest Region Equip First Generation
  • TLUSA National Training Committee
  • TLUSA Michigan Point Man
  • TLUSA Train the Trainer staff- Indiana 2018, California 2018, Texas 2019, Ohio 2019